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Mission Impossible - Thanksgiving sleeping arrangements

Urban planners, systems engineers and people who love dealing with families, Your challenge is this:

Determine ideal sleeping arrangements for Thanksgiving Holiday.

Your assets:

1. Master bedroom - with California king size bed. Small walking space (roughly 6 feet long by 2 feet wide on either side.

2. Office - permanent desks built into walls with computers that will be used by all throughout daytime hours. floor space can hold two full beds without room to walk.

3. Small bedroom - with twin trundle bed. Room for addition queen size bed with no walking space.

4. Corner bedroom - queen size bed

5. Nursery -bedroom with crib. Also has queen size bed

6. Two full size air mattresses

7. Downstairs family room - includes one large couch and one full size fold-out-bed sofa. No door, just open entry way, room will be utilized throughtout the day for toy-playing and tv watching. Usually used in late evening by adults for conversation, after-dinner drinks and heated games of Apples to Apples.

8. Dining and living rooms - also downstairs very little space when tables are set up for meals of 20+ people

9. Backyard - sizeable and with plenty of grass

10. Possibly open to additional suggestions if easy enough - ie: sleeping bags, tents, etc

Finances aside, the closest hotel is 30 min drive. Not feasible due to alchohol consumption and expectation of early daytime and late night hours spent together in pajamas.

Your people to place:

1. Bubbe and Zayde -the grandparents and year-roud residents

2. Auntie Sprout - mid-late 40-something female

3. Couple #1 - 40-something married couple with three kids:

4. Bat Mitzvah Girl - 12-year-old oldest grandchild. Likes to sleep late

5. Nurturer - 10-year-old girl, brings her pile of kids with her to sleep with

6. Camo dude - 8-year-old boy with LOTS of energy

7. Couple #2 - 30/40-something married couple with three kids:

8. KinderSinger - 5-year-old girl, loves to sing

9. Mars Rover - 3-year-old mishievious girl

10. Taco - 7-months-old baby boy

11. Auntie FAB - 38-year-old female.

12. ColombiAna - Au Pair to Couple #2. Theoretically should get her own room, but can share with the kids she knows.

...AND Go!

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